Junior Online Registration for Tigers Baseball & Softball Club

Baseball Australia has introduced a compulsory online registration system in order to register players, coaches, managers and volunteers via one central platform in the same way many other codes are doing it across Australia.

In order to register a player you are required to access the club’s online registration form, setup a user account and then register the player. The registration system consists of the following steps:

  1. Create an account (with Baseball Australia)
  2. Adding Basic Details (Player information)
  3. Select your registration product
  4. Just a few more details
  5. Summary
  6. Payment
  7. Confirmation

Click this link to go to the Registration ==>>> 2017/18 Tigers Registration Form


  • The online registration form does not work in Internet Explorer or Firefox. We have successfully tested the form in Google Chrome Browser. 
  • On the first page  “Baseball Australia, please signup” you (as the parent) are creating your login to SportsTG
  • For simplicity we recommend that you use one account if you have multiple children playing, however this is not essential.
  • Note that registration is not complete unless online payment has been made. Payment can be made using Paypal or credit card (Amex and Diners club are NOT accepted).  The club can no longer accept direct payments of registration fees.


Possible registration system access errors

  • If you have any issue actually registering  and are getting a page saying “system is in maintenance mode”, clear Browser History (especially cookies) and try again
  • If on page 3 you only see TWO fees, then this is a mistake in form setup; please do not proceed

League age

  • BA calculates ‘League Age’ in accordance with international Little League guidelines. Players born before 1 September are assigned as one year older & hence the National League Age is one year bigger than you expect. For most age groups this does not result in any difference the fee you pay & if it does, generally it is small.


If you are having any issues with the above registration process, please contact me directly.


Regards Hayden Evans
Tigers Junior Vice President
Mobile: 0434 617 831
Email: h9yd9n@gmail.com