Thank you for considering volunteering for Tigers.

Volunteering is a great way to give back to the club and we make sure that all of our volunteers are appreciated, rewarded and not over worked!

Below are a number of key roles that we need filled:

Junior Teams - Assistant

Description: Assisting the Junior VP with the management of the junior comp, including promotion, forming teams, managing uniforms & equipment. No prior experience required.

Time commitment: Monthly committee meeting. Less than one hour per week during summer season (Oct-Mar). Up to 2 hours per week during summer pre-season (Aug-Sep).

Meeting Coordinator

Description: Scheduling committee meetings, preparing agendas and writing minutes. Also a point of contact for club enquiries.

Time commitment: Monthly commitee meeting attendance. 1-2hrs admin per month.

Line Marker

Description: Marking out the first & third base line for Saturday games. Can be done whenever convenient. Club will purchase a new line marker to make the job as easy as possible. No previous experience required.

Time commitment: 1hr per week

Website Manager

Description: To assist the club with switching to a new website host and updating pages as needed. IT skills preferred but not essential

Time: Once the new website is set-up the role will only involve small updates each month or so